The Only Fishing & Hunting Lodge on the Lake

The only resort on the lake

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Site 318, Box 15, RR 3
Dryden, ON P8N 3G2

View of Route Lake

Hunting & Fishing Lodge in Dryden, ON

Spend more time in the great outdoors with a trip to Route Lake Lodge, a hunting and fishing lodge located just north of Dryden, ON.

Route Lake Lodge offers hunting for black and colored bears. On our 2 (BMA) management areas have plenty of black bears, your chance for a color bear is fairly successful. Over the years our success rate as been over 90%. Pre-baited stands, all stands are River Edge ladder stands within 30 to 40 yards of the baits. We start baiting our stands mid-July to ensure a good selection of bears... You are welcome to hunt with rifle, muzzleloader, crossbows or bow. No-resident bear season starts August 15.

Bear Hunting Details:

* $2000.00 per hunter plus tax

* Our hunts run Saturday to Saturday

* Hunt on our 2 Bear Management areas (BMA) (WMU 5 & 8)

* Up to 6 hunters/week

* Minimum no-refundable deposit: $400.00 per hunter


* Housekeeping Package Plan

* Per-baited stands, all stands are within 30-40 yards of baits

* Tree stands are ladder or wooden, 12 to 18 ft. high

* Retrieving, skinning, quartered & freezer service

* Boat, motor & gas, do some fishing

Things to bring:

* Previous hunting license CN or US (state which you live in)

* Please have your hunting & fishing license prior to arriving at the camp

* Outdoor Card

*Personal floatation devices

* Blaze orange clothing, to be worn to and from stands

* Therma Cell

* Raingear

* Warm clothing

* Scent lock suit/Scent killer

* Extra footwear/gloves

* Cases for rifle or bow for transporting firearms after legal hunting times

* Camera

* Flashlight (batteries)

* Fishing rod & tackle

* Food & Drinks

Our stands offer a great shot opportunity for bow, crossbows, muzzleloader or rifle. Some stands are around Route Lake accessible by boat or we have the drive to stand all within a short distance from the main landing.

We are limited to the number of tags on our( BMA) to help manage the bear population.

Our bear hunt/fish package allows you some relaxing time between hunts to do some great walleye and northern fishing.

No-Residents will need a "Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form. To print the form go to Print Form CAFC 909.

Please contact us for more information about out bear hunts.

Deer Hunts

Route Lake Lodge offer whitetail deer hunting. Our deer hunts are based out of Dryden On in (WMU) 8. We hunt over baited stands and blinds on private or crown land. All shoots are around 80 to 100 yards. You can hunt with the rifle or muzzleloader. Guides are available.


* $1200.00 plus tax per hunter

* Up to six hunters/week

* Minimum non-refundable deposit $300.00 per hunter


* 7-day housekeeping cabin/based out of Dryden, On

* Pre baited stands on privately leased land

* Upon arrival, we bring you to the stands and thereafter the hunter will bait themselves

* Bait and retrieval

* Hanging and freezer service

What to Bring:

* Previous hunting license CN or US (state which you live in)

* Please have your hunting & fishing license prior to arriving at the camp

* Outdoors Card

* Tree Stands

* Cases for rifle or bows for transporting firearms after legal hunting times

* Blaze orange coat or vest/hat

* Warm clothes & boots

* Flashlight

* Camera

* Coolers, freezer bags for meat

* Food & Drinks

* Sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries, and towels